This ugly page is devoted to various useless things written or ported by Alex Verstak.

Madam, Gentleman,

First things first: the FreeBSD port of the wxWindows library is here.

To build other sources on this page, you will need NASM 0.97 and GCC. DJGPP should work as well. (If you do not know what GCC is, hit the "Back" button now.)

The drafts on FAT (FAT12, FAT16, FAT32) filesystems are here. They are almost a year old, which means some links are broken.

My OS-related chicken scratch is here.

Related links:
Brendan's PMX kernel.
OS Projects Collection.

Legal stuff:
All code on this site is freeware. Any kind of warranty is explicitly disclaimed. Re-distribution and modification are allowed and encouraged.

Want to talk to me?
Well, you will have to use email.

Last updated:
April 10, 1999.

Since Tripod wants this page updated once a month, I replaced my "thanks to Tripod" notice with a small announcement:

Selling used parts for F-117. Cheap. Delivery from Yugoslavia.

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